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  • New Facebook page launched – Beams for builders (2/7/2016) - We’ve decided to split our Facebook page into two, the new Beams for Builders page will be purely for, you’ve guessed it, structural steelwork. Universal beams, columns, channels and associated steelwork will all be shown on this page. Most standard steels are available for next day collection, or delivery within a couple of days. We […]
  • Steel Universal Beams, Columns and Channels (11/27/2015) - Are you looking for Universal Beams, Universal Columns or Channels?   Roberts Fabrications are able to supply steel universal beams, universal colums and channels at the most competitive prices in the area, so you’ve come to the right place! Based in South Godstone, we supply and deliver to all local areas, including Oxted, Lingfield, East […]
  • Metal repairs & fabrications in Oxted (5/11/2015) - It’s that time of year again where you get out in the garden for a clear up, and notice things have got broken over the winter months. We offer a repair service to virtually anything made of metal, from gates and railing, to garden furniture and planters. Instead of throwing it out, why not see […]
  • How to: Remove a broken stud from a cylinder head (1/9/2015) - Here’s a quick guide of how to remove broken off studs or bolts from a cylinder head. The method will usually work on most aluminium or steel castings, although quite often the studs will be hard and difficult to remove. What you’ll need: (ideally) a milling machine, although a good sized pillar drill may do […]
  • Land Rover tdi cylinder head welding and skimming (1/6/2015) - The first job after returning from the Christmas break was a cylinder head from a Land Rover Defender, for a customer based in Oxted. The headgasket had blown between cylinders 2 and 3 due to some corrosion round one of the waterways. On first inspection, it looked like it would probably come out with just […]
  • Christmas opening times (12/24/2014) - The workshop will be closed from lunchtime on 24th December, until 5th January. If you have an urgent enquiry, please contact us via email as we may be able to assist. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!
  • Counter balanced Jumper access stands (12/19/2014) - Another little bespoke access stand for Southern Railways. This little platform is for accessing the trains auxillary power socket between the carriages, which used to power the train whilst on depot roads that have no 3rd rail. Due to the size restrictions on site, there is nearly 200kg of ballast weight on the unit to […]
  • More carriage access stands for Southern Rail (12/18/2014) - Due to the new sheds that have been built at Selhurst Traincare Depot, we have designed and manufactured some new bespoke carriage access stands. The unit shown has a slight cantilever effect to it, so required some heavy ballast on the trailing edge to give the 250kg swl on the carriage access side. 6 of […]
  • Random jobs – WC 23rd November (11/28/2014) - A few of this weeks random jobs! Couple of holes filled in an aluminium bonnet. Side plate from a wheelchair modified so the guy can play snooker more comfortably. Lawnmower handle repaired.      
  • Train carriage access stands (11/21/2014) - The latest job to leave the workshop, train carriage access stands for Southern Railway. These are used in the maintenance depots for access into the carriages while the train is parked over the pits. Made from steel box section, with industrial castors. SWL of 250kg.