Air conditioning pipe repair

Car airconditioning pipe repairOver time, aluminium air conditioning pipes can deteriorate and get holes and splits in them. This is usually due to vibration from the vehicle causing pipes to rub against something and wearing a hole in them. Most of the time this damage occurs where the pipes are clamped to the car, making detection of splits and cracks difficult without using a leak detecting dye on the system.

With the cost of some air conditioning pipes in excess of £150, why not see if we can repair it? Most single weld repairs cost around £20 and will transform the damaged section back to an ‘as new’ state. Obviously not all pipes can be repaired, but we’re happy to have a go at any pipe. Generally if there is a lot of pitting/corrosion along the length of the pipe, then it’s for the bin, as welding up one hole usually leads to another appearing somewhere else when the pipe is pressurised.

We also offer a fast mail order service, repairing and dispatching pipes on the day of receipt.

Please note that we can only repair the aluminium sections of pipes and cannot fix rubber sections. Pipes will also need removing from the car before delivery to us!