Roof mounted Spandeck walkwaySpandeck Modular Walkway Systems provide the simple, cost-effective and safe answer to your high level access requirements, whether permanent or temporary.

Because Spandeck Walkways are designed specifically for this application they not only give you higher performance, but in most cases actually cost you considerably less than traditional site-fabricated products.

As the system is manufactured from Aluminium, it is ideal for applications where the weight of steel manufactured walkways could be a problem.

Spandeck comes in a standard width of 620mm overall, with integral toe boards 6″ high, and is available in standard lengths ranging from 3.6m to 9m. For permanently fixed walkways, we recommend the decks are supported every 2.5 – 3 metres for maximum rigidity. Spandecks can be inverted and placed side by side to form a wider walkway if required.

A newer 1000mm wide Spandeck has recently been released. Please contact us for further information on this.

Spandeck can also be used to bridge between two scaffold towers making them the ideal solution to gain access above conservatories etc.

We also fabricate special components for different methods of Spandeck fitting, including: stirrups, fish plates, purlin anchors, seam clip fixings and link brackets, which are no longer available off the shelf directly from the manufacturer.

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