Cylinder head repairs

Broken studs removed, corroded heads welded & skimming.

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Example of cylinder head repair

Air conditioning pipe repairThis cylinder head was removed from a boat engine. Two of the exhaust ports had badly corroded due to salt water getting between the mating surface of the exhaust manifold and the cylinder head.

On closer inspection it was found that the port in the left hand side of the picture, had actually been repaired in the past (rather badly!) by inserting a round sleeve into the port. Unfortunately this was glued in rather than being welded, so it didn't last for long!


Cylinder head insertBecause the original insert was made from Duralum, it could not be welded so a new one had to be machined. The cylinder head was also machined to remove all the corrosion to give a clean aluminium finish to allow the insert to be welded into position. The corrosion was quite severe from being used in a marine environment, so the rest of the port was built up with weld.

The second port was also cleaned up, but not being quite as bad as the other one, we could just build up the port with weld.



Head welded and machinedThe head was then put back on the mill to shape the ports and clean off the excess weld. It was also skimmed to ensure flatness for the new exhaust manifold to be fitted. The face of the head also required some welding, and again skimming flat.

Finally, the head was taken to our sandblaster who gave a light blow over with the sandblaster to remove the heavy dirt, then finished off with a clean with the vapour blaster (High pressure water and glass beads) to give a matt finish.

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