Rotten horsebox floorJust looked at a rather rotten horsebox floor which, as you can see, could have led to disaster. If anyone local wants their floor checked out for free, give us a ring and bring your trailer over for us to check out for you.

A few tips to keeping your trailer in good condition:

  • Always check your horsebox’s floor and ramp condition prior to loading your horse.
  • Before it is put away, ensure your horsebox is thoroughly cleaned out, and the floor is given time to air and dry. It is particularly important to remove any rubber matting and ideally store it out of the horsebox. This is the cause of most floor rotting problems as the damp gets trapped between the matting and the floor.
  • Regularly pressure-wash the underside of your vehicle.
  • If your floor is wooden, be particularly cautious, and regularly check it for signs of rotting and damp patches.