The first job after returning from the Christmas break was a cylinder head from a Land Rover Defender, for a customer based in Oxted. The headgasket had blown between cylinders 2 and 3 due to some corrosion round one of the waterways. On first inspection, it looked like it would probably come out with just a skim, but after setting the head up on the milling machine and taking a 5 thou cut, it was apparent that it was worse than it looked!

Land Rover cylinder head

Another 5 thou was then taken off to confirm how warped the head was

Land Rover Defender tdi cylinder head

which further confirmed that the corrosion would need grinding out, and welding.

Land Rover head welded

A 3 thou cut this time and it was nearly there!

Land Rover cylinder head repair

Another 3 thou off before doing a fast 2 thou cut and it’s ready to go!

Land Rover cylinder head finished